Our Process

When we partner, each phase of our relationship will be guided by your desired brand narrative to support your campaign.


At the onset of each project, our teams will connect in a kick-off session. We’ll use the time together to:

  • Learn more about your business and project goals
  • Discuss current and past campaigns and research (and what worked/didn’t work)
  • Uncover the ideal narrative you want to share across your campaign
  • Brainstorm the questions we’ll need to ask and the insights we’ll need to uncover to drive your story


Once aligned on the project scope, including the audience our survey will reach and the story we need to drive, our team will:

  • Begin questionnaire design. You’ll see a mix of important demographic and content questions that will drive the narrative
  • Include potential takeaways for each question so the team can see how each plays into the larger narrative


Once the survey is fielded, our team will:

  • Begin data analysis
  • Create The Wired Report. Designed in PPT, this deliverable (included with each project) maps out the most striking and provocative narratives stemming from the research Your story will be brought to life with charts, graphs and photography

Are you ready to get wired?